Three tips to make your property more attractive to Airbnb guests and keep your income flowing

June 20, 2018


Posting your property to Airbnb can be a savvy way to keep your income flowing and is made
even easier with property management services like ours that take the hassle out of cleaning,
booking and pricing your listing. But there are a few things you can do to make your property
that bit more appealing to prospective guests before you hand us the reins. To give you some
ideas on what you can do at your property, we contacted property investment expert, Steve
Jovcevski, from home loan comparison site, who gave us his top three Airbnb
staging tips that have helped keep his own portfolio of properties booked out all year round.

1. Keep lighting clean and natural
When it comes to lighting, the more natural sources, the better. So make the most of any natural
light sources in your home – even in small, narrow terrace houses that dominate the inner-city
suburbs of Sydney. In the past I’ve made small, cost-effective renovations like installing a
skylight in the middle of the living room or the bathroom to brighten up dark spaces. Another
really good idea is to review all your electrical light sources to ensure that you’re getting the right
colour and brightness levels from your lamps and fittings. You want to avoid any overly harsh fluorescent bulbs but at the same time don’t want your place to be too dimly lit. Replacing a few
bulbs won’t cost you much in dollar and cent terms, could help you save on your energy bill but
most importantly, will return a load of value when it comes to your guest’s ratings and reviews.

2. Accentuate your outdoor areas
An Airbnb guest isn’t looking to book a stock-standard hotel room for a reason, so give your
property an alfresco vibe by sprucing up the outdoor living area. For example, if you have a
small courtyard, consider buying a BBQ that entices customers to make the most of your
outdoor spaces. I always make sure there is seating available – whether that be in the form of a
set of table and chairs or some built-in benches, which are real space savers – so that guests
can spend time outside. And one of the final touches would be to incorporate some greenery
into the space, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a huge yard or even a grass lawn. In my
experience, guests appreciate small pot plants or a greenwall just as much and they’re also a lot
easier to maintain.

3. Be smart when it comes to styling
Trends come and go, and that’s certainly true for the interior styling world. Take it from someone
with experience, you don’t want to splash a load of cash on a slew of in vogue home renovation
projects only for your property to look dated in six or twelve months. To combat this, I choose to

keep the walls and fixtures neutral in my properties and look to add colour and character with
accessories instead. In the bathroom, you might opt for a clean white tile but go with boldly
coloured towels or in the living room, you could ditch the floral wallpaper for an indoor pot plant.
Try not to overdo it, don’t clutter the space and stay true to the natural character of the property.
More is less when it comes to these things and remember you always have professionally styled
Glasby photos to make your property listing really pop.

Steve Jovcevski is the property expert and home loan
negotiator at With an extensive knowledge of
mortgage products and housing trends, Steve is full of practical
tips to help investors build and get the most out of their
property portfolio.